• Pack of 10 Surgical Masks – Made in France – Type IIR

5,00 6,00  inc. V.A.T.

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Quantité / Quantity Remise / Discount Prix / Price
1 5,00 
2 16 % 4,20 
3 - 4 20 % 4,00 
5 - 9 28 % 3,60 
10 - 19 30 % 3,50 
20 - 29 32 % 3,40 
30 - 49 36 % 3,20 
50+ 40 % 3,00 


•  Pack of 10 Surgical Face Masks made out of three layers of non-woven polypropylene.

•  Made in France.

•  S.M.S, Spunbond, Meltblown, Spundbond. Two external layers made of SpunBond and one interior MeltBlown layer which is the filtering material  for a total of 3 layers.

•  Each sides of the mask comes with fibered elastics to attach the mask from your ears.

•  A metallic nosepiece covered in plastic allows the user to fit the mask on the nose.

•  Light, aesthetic and comfortable.

• Dimensions of the Mask :

(L x l ) 170 x 95 mm.

• Dimensions of the Earloops  :

Standard 185-190 mm.

Technical Specifications

•  Material :

– Three layers of polypropylene non-woven material : S.M.S 85g

SpunBond 30g, MeltBlown 25g, SpunBond 30g;

– Fibered Elastics composed of rubber ;

– Metallic Nosepiece covered in plastic.

•  Color : Blue, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise, Khaki Green, Sky Blue and Gray, White with Universe Pattern Blue, Red, Yellow and France and Turquoise with Universe Pattern White, Black Universe Pattern White and Black Galaxy Pattern, White Rainbow Pattern, Jungle Floral Pattern, Exotic Vegetation Pattern, Ocean Pattern, Azure Blue Mermaid Pattern, Black Elegance Leaf Pattern, Diamond Pattern, Blue Marble Pattern, Leopard Pattern, Beige Leopard Pattern, Pink Sapphire Pattern, Urban Collage Pattern, Aztec Pattern, Glamour Collage Pattern, White Crystal Green Floral Pattern, White Lip Pattern, Rose Bouquet Pattern, White Black Floral Pattern, White Colorful Abstraction Pattern, Long Live France Pattern, Floral Stroll Pattern, Black and White Parisian Pattern, Literature Pattern, Black Bees and Hives Pattern, White Continuous Line Pattern, Geometric Iridescence Pattern and new colors to discover regularly. New Colors Available

•  Maintenance : No maintenance, one use per mask only.

•  Packaging : A pack containing 10 surgical type IIR face masks.

•  Certification : NF EN 14683:2019+AC : AOUT 2019. CE.

•  BFE : (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) superior or equal to 98%.






Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
Couleur / Color :

Abstract Rainbow Pattern, Aztec Pattern, Azure Blue Mermaid Pattern, Beige, Beige Black White and Red Square Pattern, Beige Leopard Pattern, Black, Black Arabesque Pattern, Black Elegance Leaf Pattern, Black Galaxy Pattern, Black Genetic Engineering Pattern, Black Parisian Pattern, Black Peace And Love Pattern, Black Sport Pattern, Black Sun Pattern, Black White Cat Pattern, Black White Floral Arabesque Pattern, Black White Tribal Pattern, Black with Bees and Hives Pattern, Black with Simple Line Drawing Pattern, Blue, Blue Marble Pattern, Blue Sailboat Pattern, Bouquet Of Roses Pattern, Cheese Trip Pattern, Classic Leopard Pattern, Cupid Pattern, Denim Yellow, Diamond Pattern, Exotic Vegetation Pattern, Floral Jungle Pattern, Frozen Blue Dog Pattern, Fuchsia, Geometrical Iridescence Pattern, Glamour Collage Pattern, Golden Love Pattern, Grey, Houndstooth Pattern, Khaki Green, King Blue, Leopard Pattern, Lilac, Limited Edition – Black Christmas Tree Pattern, Limited Edition – Dark Blue Christmas Baubles Pattern, Limited Edition – White Christmas Biscuits Pattern, Literature Pattern, Love And Hearts Pattern, Marine Pattern, Navy Blue, Nocturnal Petal Pattern, Ocean Pattern, Orange, Pale Pink, Paradox Pattern, Pearl Grey Dog Pattern, Pink, Pink Butterfly Pattern, Pink Sapphire Pattern, Pourpre Red Flowers Pattern, Purple Floral Harmony Pattern, Rainbow Madness Pattern, Red, Rustic Watercolor Pattern, Seabed Pattern, Sharing Pattern, Sky Blue, Strawberries Pattern, Tribute To Caregivers Pattern, Turquoise, Urban Collage Pattern, Violet Flower Watercolor Pattern, Visionnary Farandole Pattern, Vive La France Pattern, White, White Black Cat Pattern, White Black Floral Arabesque Pattern, White Black Floral Pattern, White Crystal Green Floral Pattern, White Floral Walk Pattern, White France Heart Pattern, White Lips Pattern, White Parisian Pattern, White Rainbow Heart Pattern, White Rainbow Pattern, White White Flowers Pattern, White with Abstract Colored Pattern, White with Simple Line Drawing Pattern, Wine Road Pattern, Yellow


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